Beautiful Textures Defining Pudding [Review]

-Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding-

I tried Beautiful Textures Curl Cream first and I was very impressed with the way it made my hair look, smell and feel. So, I decided why not try the Pudding.  I used it a few times and I noticed when I  slept on my flat twists, they would be very flat in the morning which leads to my twist out curls looking more like zigzags instead of waves. That makes a difference to me because I prefer bouncy waves instead of a zigzag pattern.BT Pudding

I applied the BT Pudding to my hair and twisted my hair into 6 flat twists. If you don’t know what flat twists are its basically like a cornrow braid, the only difference is it’s twisted and not braided. The BT Pudding left my hair feeling really wet. I think the Pudding must have a lot more water in it than the Curl Cream.  When I  start to undo the twists even though they don’t feel fully dry, my hair looks better than when I wait until the twists are fully dry. At 90% dry, the waves are bigger and and my hair then air dries giving me the look I want. If I wait until my hair is fully dry to untwist it, the waves will look thin and shriveled. And the same results occur with the two stand twists.

I’ve used the BT Pudding several times on my daughter’s hair and it makes it a lot easier to comb through her curls. She’s never had any reactions to it so I think it’s safe to use on a child’s hair. Overall, I am happy with the results of this product and will continue to use it.