Ol’ School Snacks [Remixed]

I remember back in the day when Ginger Snaps were popular. And to this day it’s still a cool cookie to snack on. But I had no idea they were made in different flavors. There’s the original, gingery flavored kinda spice pack. And then there are also Lemon and Apple Pie flavored snaps as well.

I decided to try the Apple Pie flavor. I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried them. I am so glad I did. They seem to be a little thinner than the original ginger snap and not as hard when you bite into them. But still crunchy and full of flavor. I can’t believe how good the Apple Pie Snaps are! I’ve been on a search for a cookie that I can enjoy that isn’t covered with sugar or frosting/icing.  And I think I’ve found a good one, at Big Lots.

I probably won’t try the Lemon Snaps because I don’t like lemon flavored cookies.

I highly recommend the Apple Pie Snaps!!!!







OGX Creamy Hair Butter [Shea Soft & Smooth]

OGX SheaSmoothButterOMG. Shea soft & smooth lives up to it’s name. This hair butter smells so good!! It smells like wedding cake icing. It left my hair very shiny and it also was a great detangler. It stretched my curls out as I used it to make finger coils. So it is good to use when battling shrinkage. My hair felt moisturized without that annoying greasy feeling. It even layed my edges. It’s just a really great product overall. And it is not easy to find in the stores. But Amazon.com does carry it and so does Meijer’s and some Rite Aids and Walgreen’s.

Highly Recommended.



Sweet Middles-Carrot Cake & Raisin Bites

Sweet Middles Carrot Cake w/ Raisin bite size mini desserts taste great!!!

The only thing though, is that they don’t taste much like carrot cake at all. If it wasn’t for the little orange specks of carrot, I would think it was an oatmeal raisin cookie instead of carrot cake.

I like to enjoy mine refrigerated so that the cream cheese is cool and firm.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. (Try these immediately LoL)


Zenni [Online] Optical

Well, well well, everything checks out as advertised!!!

I think this is an exceptional service and I highly recommend it to anyone who is always losing or breaking their frames.  Ordering your prescribed lens online with Zenni is unbelievably easy. If you have your doctor’s prescription, all you have to do is enter it and choose your frame. It’s that simple. Choose your shipping options, pay and you are all set. I ordered one pair of prescription lenses, one frame and priority shipping. It took about a week to receive my package. During my wait, I received an email letting me know when my frames had been shipped. Then, I was sent a link to track my delivery to see where my frames were once they had been mailed and were on their way.

When the frames arrived, I was very pleased with the fit and my ability to see clearly through the lenses.

Included in my package (along with the prescribed lenses and frames) was a wiping cloth and a hard plastic case all for a total of $13.71.





Dole [Strawberry] Fruit Snacks

Dole Fruit Snacks are a bit different from what I expected. I thought the bites would be kind of gummy bearish. But these were more similar in texture to the pineapple chunks that are in trail mixes. Nevertheless, they were good and I would purchase them again. DoleStrwFruitI found them at Dollar General but there were only a few packs on the shelf. So I am wondering if this is a new item or about to be discontinued.

Great taste. Sweet but not sugary. Beware they do stick to your teeth a bit. I really liked them. I would purchase again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

All Things Caramel [Mentos, M&Ms, Oreos & Werther’s Popcorn]

Are my eyes deceiving me? What are they going to stuff inside M&Ms next??!!! First it was pretzels now it’s caramel. Oh well, won’t hurt to try it, right?

Caramel Mentos leads me to assume the candy will taste very similar to Sugar Babies.Caramel Mentos

Caramel M&Ms I can’t even imagine what to expect with this one. Might be good, though.

MMs Caramel

Caramel Oreos Thins I don’t even want to imagine what that must be like.

Caramel Oreos

And Werther’s Caramel Candy now has a popcorn?!!!!Werther's Popcorn

I decided to try three out of four.

To my surprise I actually liked the Caramel Mentos alot. The texture is fine. They are not too sticky and not too sweet. And there is a chocolate middle. You can actually smell/taste the chocolate before anything else. Highly Recommend.

I also liked the M&Ms. They actually taste very similar to the Mentos. The only difference is the chocolate is on the outside in a shell whereas the chocolate is on the inside of the caramel in the Mentos. Weird. But it actually tastes good. Also the M&Ms are larger than I expected. Highly Recommend.

And the Werther’s Popcorn is unbelievably good. The popcorn is light and fluffy and the caramel tastes exactly like the Werther’s Caramel candy. This is a great combination. Highly Recommend.