Sassy + Chic & Essie Nail Art [Review]

 Sassy + Chic

The French Manicure nail pack  doesn’t come with a glue or adhesives. I tried to improvise with double stick tape to back of the nail but that did not go well. SassynChic

The nail stickers were cute but they didn’t last through one hand washing. After applying to your nail, you literally just tear them off at the end. May require a tiny bit of filing depending on the length of your nail. I would buy them again just for fun and a quick emergency nail job for a very short term wear.Sassy n Chic


This is actually quite a nice product. It’s very affordable and easy to apply.  It literally takes five minutes per hand. There is no mess to clean up when you finish and there is no damage done to your nails after removal. When you reach the tip of your nail, the nail stickers have to be filed to the size and shape of your nail.Essie

I recommend the nail stickers by both Sassy + Chic and Essie if you need a quick nail fix with a pop of color for an unexpected outing.