H&M Jewelry Clearance Sale $1

So, I decided to treat myself to some cute accessories from H&M because I have shopped there before and found them to have jewelry items that are really cute and gently priced.

Little did I know I would find even more savings than the regular low prices in the CLEARANCE section for only $1. Not all H&M stores have the same set up so if you find one that does, get it while you can.

Browsing the Clearance Section Always HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 




Bird Poop!!

Someone once asked me, why do people get angry with birds when they get pooped on.

That answer should have been obvious. But, what he was really asking is why is the bird at fault for doing what it naturally does?

If birds poop while  in the air and a human walks under or drives under the bird while it is in action, isn’t it the human’s fault for not being aware of where they are traveling?

What say you?



Sunkist Liquid Mix (Cherry Limeade)

Do you know how much you can save with an 18.9 oz bottle of Sunkist Drink Mix?!!! It makes 6 Quarts. According to the directions, one 8 oz bottle of water only takes 2 squirts to enhance the flavor.

So I tried it. Sunkist

I used a 16oz bottle of water. First I tried 4 squirts. Then I added two more because the directions don’t clarify the size of the squirts so and I used 6 squirts. I felt like the first squeezes were too little so I added more.

It was actually good!!! I think the more experience I get with mixing, the better it will taste. Maybe next time I could try adding fruit, like pineapple or something.

All I could think about was how much I could save if I just bought a couple cases of water on sale and added the Sunkist Drink Mix instead of buying flavored drinks.

This was another Big Lots finding and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.





True Goodness [Squeezable Applesauce]

IMG_20180711_143036This has got to be one of the greatest kid friendly inventions ever. Do you know how hard it is to get a toddler to sit still while eating something as messy as applesauce?

With the squeezable pouches, the mess is completely eliminated.

I assume they taste great too because we go through boxes of them.

When you’re on the go the squeezable pouches are very easy to pack and dispose.

You may have to pack at least 2 because the pouches are only 3.2 oz so they go pretty quickly.



Spirits, Souls & Animals

I have always wondered what happens to animals when they die. There are service animals/pets who assist the disabled, and others who are just really good company and nice to have around. For some, they are like a child and or a best friend.

Is there a heaven or hell for animals? Or a section in heaven or hell for animals?

I’ve never read any scriptures in the Bible about what happens to animals after death so I used to wonder if they have a spirit and a soul.

Recently I learned that our soul is our lifestyle and our spirit is our heart. (Dr.Juanita Bynum @3withme)

Animals provide for, protect and nurture their babies. They feel pain when neglected and they recognize and respect the authority of their owners. So, I’ve come to the conclusion, in my own opinion, that animals must have spirits and souls because they have hearts and lifestyles.

What do you think?

BTW this post started out with only cats and dogs in mind. As I got to the end, I thought of all the other animals/pets there are and now the wheels are really turning….








PopTarts (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)

Upon my first try, my reaction was Mmmm…these are good.  It tastes like a combination of cookies and a few packs of chocolate cocoa (the stuff you drink in the winter). I don’t think it’s a product that I would buy over and over again. But they are quite tasty.

I never pop my tarts. So I can’t tell you what they taste like when they are warm. I like room temp to cold pastries.

Overall, I was pleased with my purchase. Another Big Lots finding.


Cashier vs. Self Checkout

I prefer the Self Checkout. Some people say they don’t like it because it’s replacing a human’s job with a robot. That may be true. But when cashiers don’t  greet you upon entrance, are rude in various other ways and don’t care how they bag your groceries it makes self checkout a first choice for me whenever possible.

With Self Checkout, all of the above issues are eliminated. I don’t have to be ignored by a cashier who’s carrying on a conversation with a co-worker or on the phone. I can bag my purchases to my liking without have to worry about my frozen food being thrown in the same bag with paper items or my loaf of bread bagged and buried underneath the canned goods. I don’t have to worry about 30 items being stuffed in one little flimsy ready-to-rip plastic bag. And I can double the bags if need be to make it easy for me to carry when I do it at self checkout.

Don’t get me wrong, not all cashiers are the same. There are some that really understand the true meaning of Customer Service and will assist you in such a way that will make you almost want to hug’em.

And then there are those that just don’t get it !!!!!