Gospel Playlist Album Edition

Normally I just share singles here and there that I’ve come across that have really blessed my heart. But lately, I’ve found some CDs that I couldn’t even think about skipping to the next song.

Check these out:

  1. Jekalyn Carr (The Life Project)
  2. CeCe Winans (Let Them Fall In Love)
  3. Regina Belle (Higher)
  4. Lacrae (Gravity)
  5. James Fortune & Fiya (Encore)
  6. Hezakiah Walker (Azusa The Next Generation)
  7. Tasha Cobbs (One Place Live)
  8. JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise (You Deserve It)
  9. Fred Hammond (Worship Journal Live)
  10. William McDowell (Sounds of Revival)




Sutter Buttes Natural & Artisan Foods

-Sea Salt Caramel Sauce-

First we started by dipping  apple slices into the sauce and it tasted great. The sauce is so good, I started eating it right off the spoon. I thought I died and went to junk food paradise.

It has the perfect blend of sweet and creaminess.

The next time we had it, we drizzled it onto a bowl of popcorn which was even better than the apple slices. This is a great brand, worth purchasing.


Trader Joe’s Chantilly Vanilla Bean Buttercream Cake

When I tell you this cake is good, I mean this cake is GEWD!!!! I was completely shocked because looking at it you wouldn’t expect much of it. At least I know I didn’t. I is very small and I don’t buy much from Trader Joe’s . I’ve had their Chocolate candy bars before and tortilla chips but that’s about it. We were extremely satisfied with this little cake. TraderJoes ChantillyCream Cake

For me, it’s the icing of course. The thing that makes it so unique is that we would slice and eat it straight out of the freezer. The cake never seems to freeze. But the icing gets really firm and it tastes just like ice cream. The layer of icing is super thick.

This is one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. It totally exceeded my expectations.

Country Lane Frozen Whole Eggs

I’m probably the only person who has never eaten frozen eggs before but oh well. Better late than never, right?

I don’t know why I expected the eggs to be white it says whole eggs right on the carton,duh!!  But still I was surprised when I poured it into the pan and saw that it looked the exact same way the yoke from a cracked egg looks.

I was completely satisfied with this product.

I scrambled my eggs with yellow/red pepper and a few finely diced peices of jalepeno pepper.

I refreezed the unused portion. I don’t use measuring cups but I’m guessing I can get two more omlets from the same carton for a total of 4 large omlets.

Highly Recommend !!!!



Organic by Mariani *Mango*

-Unsulfured Mango Strips (Nothing Added)

I am not a fan of the mango fruit because it has a grassy taste in my opinion but I decided to try something new.

Because I don’t like mango to begin with, I figured I wouldn’t like the dried fruit either. The texture was quite puzzling. The dried mango slices looked like they would be  hard and crunchy but were actually chewy and slightly glazed.IMG_20180713_190040

I tried the first one and thought it was disgusting. But for some odd reason I didn’t throw them away and eventually found myself eating a few dried mango slices everyday.Mango Strips

Before I knew it the whole bag was gone. There were alot in there, too. I’m still not sure if I liked them enough to purchase, this particular bag was given to me. But I will say this, eventually there was no more grassy after taste and the mango slices in the bag are quite large.

I do Recommend them to dried fruit and mango lovers.


At the end of 2016 and the end of 2017, I was introduced to a few great books. And I definetly RECOMMEND them to anyone who is seeking spiritual direction with their finances and or direction in regards to discerning the voice of God concerning His will for their lives.3 Great Books

The Wandering Prophet (Hubie Synn) Excellent book about a family man who is chosen by God to prophesy to others and what doing that feels like to a person who had no idea he’d ever be used for something so powerful. And how his obedience to God leads him to live an unpredictable yet very blessed life.

The Blueprint To Be Financially Free (William Hightower)  This a step by step tutorial basically explaining the importance of understanding the power of purposely giving your time and self, not just money. And the awareness of money as a spiritual tool, and how putting other’s needs before you own while trusting God to provide for you is the key to being financially stable.

Your New Money Mindset (Brad Hewitt/James Moline) Very similar to the above mentioned. This book focuses on surplus living. And thoroughly explains how to view money differently by providing examples of how to become wealthy mentally first before you can become wealthy monetarily.

Each book is a true story based on the lives and experiences of the authors.