Can You Hair Me Now?

-Bad Salon Experience-

I went to a nearby salon to get a roller set. I explained to the stylist that I usually do my own hair. I just needed to use the salon’s bonnet dryer. I had no problem paying for the full service even though I could have done my own hair and only wanted to used their dryer.
The stylist insisted she knew what was best because she was the stylist and knew how to do my hair type.
She sprayed a straightening spray on my hair which was not needed. That was the first red flag. Then she insisted on using rollers to fit the length of my hair instead of the size of curls I wanted.
The rollers she used were so big I could barely fit under the dryer.
There were no curls when my hair dried. I looked like a potted plant with wilted leaves.
It was a total flop.
When I do my roller sets, I don’t use straightening products because my hair dries straight on the roller. I use a liquid leave in spray and a light spritz. I sit under a bonnet dryer until my hair is completely dry. The size of the roller is determined by the size curl I want. So even though my hair is long, I use a medium size roller….not extra large.
After it dries, I only flat iron the roots and then finger comb or flat brush the rest of my hair.
She said she had been doing hair for 30 years……

*Note to Stylists:
Listen to your clients. Provide the service they are asking/paying for.
* Note to Self:
Get a new bonnet dryer ASAP!!!!



I find when my hair is clean my face is acne free.
It also helps to sleep with my hair covered with a silk scarf and with a towel over my pillow.
The towel on my pillow blocks the moisturizing products away from your face.
If you sleep with the towel on your pillow without tying your hair up, you will dry your hair out and have lint and dust build up in your hair so you must use both for the best results.
If a product is what you desire, I recommend using Neutrogena Cleansing Pads. I once had a lot of black spots on the  side of my face and I still don’t know what caused it. In about two weeks the spots began to fade and by the time I reached the last cleansing pad the spots were completely gone. Depending on the type of acne, I have had overnight – 2 day results.
Highly recommended.


I stopped wearing foundation a long time ago. I found it extremely hard to get the perfect match for my skin color. When I used to wear foundation, I used to use steam to help me spread it on smoothly. I would stand over a pot of boiling water and let the steam “melt the makeup”. That made it easier to spread the foundation evenly. Then I would have to constantly remind myself not to hug anyone because then I’d mess up their clothes if I forgot I was wearing  make up. It just wasn’t worth the hassle. Eventually I started experimenting with other alternatives.

I decided to try Jergen’s Natural Glow Tinted Facial Lotion  and was completely satisfied with the results. It gave me perfect even coverage. After you apply it, it dries like a regular lotion and it doesn’t rub off or stain your clothes. The tint is subtle but still noticable. If you are out in the sunlight for a while, you will definetly see “the glow”.

To add a little more tint, I apply the lotion to my face then blow dry on a warm setting (only to speed up what the sun will do). Then I add a second covering. Every now and then I try a new foundation  but it never works out. With Jergen’s Natural Glow Tinted Facial Lotion I have never been disappointed.

Highly Recommended.

Dear Shopaholic

-Let’s Go Shopping-

Tip #1
-Take your time when shopping. When you rush you overlook things. You find something you want but you don’t think it is your size, so you pass on it. It could just be on the wrong sized hanger. Take the time to look carefully. Check the label size IN the garment.
-You may need a 4 but the label says it’s a 6. And it looks like you might be able to fit it. What’s a 6 to one designer could be a 4 to another designer. IF YOU TRY IT ON AT THE STORE you’ll know if it’s “your” size 4. This will save you time in the long run by eliminating your need to have to return it.

*Sometimes things get hung on the wrong sized hanger AND/OR misplaced in the wrong size section. Don’t miss out. Check everything if it interests you.

Tip #2
Make sure you wash and dry properly. You might think you can’t fit your outfits any longer because you’ve put on a few or dropped a few pounds. But actually you might have unknowingly shrunk or stretched your garments. It’s very important to read the labels and care instructions accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll be getting rid of your favorite threads much too soon.

Tip #3
If you see something you want to wear but it’s too big (and you reeeeaaaallly want it),
DON’T PASS ON IT because it’s too big without considering this:
If it’s too big, you still have a chance to own it depending on what it is. You may be able to alter it if it’s too big to make it fit you.  Don’t miss out!!!

Tip #4
Most people shop til they drop but only wear less than half of what they buy. Then when it’s time to get rid of things, most people will say “I can’t get rid of that, I haven’t worn it yet.”
Therefore, you should wear everything you have in your closet at least once. Even if it’s just to go check the mailbox or take out the trash!!!

Tip #5
If there is something you want and IF you have the money to buy it at that time, never leave it to come back for it later. You have to remember you are not the only one that will see it or want it. Chances are, it will not be there when you come back.
Tomorrow is not promised and neither are those shoes….


-The Time I Lost My Edges-


I decided I would flat iron my hair just like any other time. No big deal.
But this particular week it kept raining and the front section of my hair would not lay down. The frizz was driving me crazy.  So I flat ironed it everyday for about a week (edges included)
The week before that, I had applied a black rinse . It was old and left over from an application I did several months before. I did not wash it out with a color treated shampoo.
My edges disappeared like somebody had stolen’em!!!!!
My hairline was behind my ears and it was so thin,  you could literally count the strands and  curls.
I bought some Nutiva Coconut Oil and  I began to massage the oil in the bald area once a day.

In less than 2 weeks, my edges were fully restored. I don’t think it was more than 10 days before my hair grew back and looked liked it had never fallen out.
Nutiva Coconut Oil is a great product for stimulating hair growth.
But, I DO NOT recommend using it with a flat iron if you are going to go longer than a week without shampooing.
The smell of the use of the oil and flat iron on old hair is not very pleasant at all.

Another Lesson Learned…..

So, what’s your horror story?

Tip- * Nutiva Coconut Oil and Shea Butter works great for two strand twists



The best way to achieve a [DIY] thick but natural looking brow:

Arch as best you can and then FILL IN the mistakes

2.Sketch and lightly outline the brow w/ an eyebrow pencil
( I DO NOT DRAW the brow that makes it look too harsh)


3. Fill in the missing hairs using light strokes; stay as far away from the nose as possible

4. Use a clear mascara to comb and slick the brows


* The less you do to your brows the more natural the results will be

* The closer you get to your nose, the lighter your fill in strokes should be

Naturally Yours


Curly Leave-In Substitute
Did you know you can use regular body lotion as a Leave-In for your natural curls?
1. Section your wet hair

2. Apply the lotion to wet hair

3. Work the lotion in from root to tip

4. Air dry

Half Straight & Half Curly
If you have a short curly cut, but the roots are curlier than the ends,  I would suggest you apply a creamy textured Leave- In and dry with a diffuser attached to a blow dryer.
Put the diffuser directly on your scalp and moved it around in a circular motion while drying your hair. Make sure you are blow drying on a warm temperature.

*This is only recommended if you have a half curly/straight end short hair cut .

Flat Ironing Curly Hair
When I flat iron my hair, I use shampoo only and no conditioner. I use shampoos that DO NOT moisturize my hair because the moisture makes the curls curl tighter which makes it harder to straighten and requires the iron to be on a higher setting.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Shampoo, do NOT follow with a conditioner

2. Apply a heat protectant spray and blow dry each section

3. Apply a small amount of Grape Seed oil to each section

4.  Flat iron between 375-425 degrees, using the chase method  w/ a bristle brush