All Things Caramel [Mentos, M&Ms, Oreos & Werther’s Popcorn]

Are my eyes deceiving me? What are they going to stuff inside M&Ms next??!!! First it was pretzels now it’s caramel. Oh well, won’t hurt to try it, right?

Caramel Mentos leads me to assume the candy will taste very similar to Sugar Babies.Caramel Mentos

Caramel M&Ms I can’t even imagine what to expect with this one. Might be good, though.

MMs Caramel

Caramel Oreos Thins I don’t even want to imagine what that must be like.

Caramel Oreos

And Werther’s Caramel Candy now has a popcorn?!!!!Werther's Popcorn

I decided to try three out of four.

To my surprise I actually liked the Caramel Mentos alot. The texture is fine. They are not too sticky and not too sweet. And there is a chocolate middle. You can actually smell/taste the chocolate before anything else. Highly Recommend.

I also liked the M&Ms. They actually taste very similar to the Mentos. The only difference is the chocolate is on the outside in a shell whereas the chocolate is on the inside of the caramel in the Mentos. Weird. But it actually tastes good. Also the M&Ms are larger than I expected. Highly Recommend.

And the Werther’s Popcorn is unbelievably good. The popcorn is light and fluffy and the caramel tastes exactly like the Werther’s Caramel candy. This is a great combination. Highly Recommend.