Ol’ School Snacks [Remixed]

I remember back in the day when Ginger Snaps were popular. And to this day it’s still a cool cookie to snack on. But I had no idea they were made in different flavors. There’s the original, gingery flavored kinda spice pack. And then there are also Lemon and Apple Pie flavored snaps as well.

I decided to try the Apple Pie flavor. I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried them. I am so glad I did. They seem to be a little thinner than the original ginger snap and not as hard when you bite into them. But still crunchy and full of flavor. I can’t believe how good the Apple Pie Snaps are! I’ve been on a search for a cookie that I can enjoy that isn’t covered with sugar or frosting/icing.  And I think I’ve found a good one, at Big Lots.

I probably won’t try the Lemon Snaps because I don’t like lemon flavored cookies.

I highly recommend the Apple Pie Snaps!!!!