Andis Electric Hot Comb [Review]

-Andis Electric Hot Comb-         andis-electric-hot-comb
I like the Andis Electric Hot Comb a lot. It takes the stress and pain out of having to blow dry my hair. When blow dying, my wrist starts to hurt. With the hot comb, I just set the temp I want and comb right through. There’s no pain and a lot less frizz.
I also prefer the hot comb straightening method over the flat iron because it’s a lot easier to transition back and forth when I want to flex between straight and natural styles.
When using a flat iron, I have to have a great shampoo that will bounce my curls right back after a good straightening. For me, that go to shampoo is Aussie.
Eventually, when the weather is much colder I will probably combine the hot comb with the flat iron, using the chase method with a bristle brush. That will stretch my hair as straight as it will stretch.
I highly recommend this hot comb as a straightening tool.