FiveBelow & Fresh Paint Nail Polish [Review]

-Five Below & Fresh Paint Nail Polish –

At FiveBelow, everything is either 5.00 or below. There are tons of stylish Tshirts to choose from and a wide variety of candies for the sugar obsessed. They have plenty of cosmetics, movies and toys as well. FiveBelow is a fun combination of Dollar Tree, Party City and a little bit of Toys R Us all in one store. The locations I’ve visited have not been very big stores but there is lots of room to move around, all have been very neat and the items are easy to find.

Fresh Paint Nail Polish is a brand I tried on in a FiveBelow store. It dries very quickly, has nice shine and covers very well with the first application. A second coat may be desired but not really needed. I didn’t see a lot of color options by the Fresh Paint brand that I really liked but there were a few. That would be the only bad thing about it but other than that I was very pleased with this product.

*Sorry no pic.