Quench Micro Water Complex [Review]

-Skincare Product Review-

Radiance Facial Peel  For me it worked instantly. The small acne breakout I had developed cleared up and my skin appeared clearer and brighter after using both the facial peel and moisturizer. Lightly scent and easy to apply evenly.

-Apply for three consecutive days and then once or twice a week. Let sit and rub off with warm water.

Daily Glow Moisturizer Very soft and smooth. It also smells great and is easy to apply evenly.

-Can be used as a primer before applying foundation or as a daily moisturizer.


I am satisfied with the results of the Quench Micro Water Complex products and will continue use. The outside packaging is nice, the bottles are very appealing; slender and  blue with a silver twist and press style top. It’s 1.7oz and a little goes a long way.

If you are interested, the Quench Micro Water Complex products can be purchased at Sam’s Club or  you can go to http://www.quenchbeautyproducts.com for more information.


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