Pillsbury Big Deluxe Mini Hershey’s [Review]

-Pillsbury Big Deluxe Mini Hershey’s Kisses Cookie Dough Review-

One difference between this cookie dough and the rest is the packaging. Because of the difference in packaging, you have to mold and shape the cookies yourself when you scoop the dough out from the bucket/tub (4 LB & 10 OZ).

The chocolate chip sizes are small, medium and extra large which is another difference. The larger chocolate chips in this cookie dough are so large they are called “mini kisses” because they really are little Hershey’s Kisses.

The Big Deluxe cookie dough is overloaded with chocolate chips!!!! With that being said, you have to mold the dough into scoops making sure you don’t have more chocolate chips than cookie dough. Oh, and this dough is also freezable.

I highly recommend this  brand and type it.