Eating Good vs. Good Eating

Is there a difference between eating good and good eating?

When I hear the words eating good, I think of eating healthy. I think of staying away from microwavable foods, fast foods and junk foods. I never really thought to put canned goods in that category. I am mindful of the unhealthy level of sodium in canned goods but that is about as much thought as I put into it.

When I hear the words good eating, I basically narrow that down to any hot meal that is well seasoned and contains some type of meat and vegetable. Whether it is good for you or not is irrelevant.

One night we had Greens&Rice, Smoked Hocks, BBQ Chicken and Corn Bread. (I think it was Smoked Hocks it could have been Turkey, don’t remember)eatin-good-2

When I was informed that I would be cleaning the Greens and cutting the onions, I was a bit shocked. The onions weren’t an issue for me because they don’t bother my eyes. By the time I start to feel a little sting, I’m usually almost finished chopping. But clean the Greens?!!! Now that was a different story. I do rinse the can and wipe the lid before I open it, but I never clean the Greens.


I separated the Greens from the stems and washed them and found it to be pretty easy but it was time consuming. Even though I cleaned them quickly, opening a can of Greens and pouring them in the pot would’ve taken a lot less time. I would definetly separate and clean the Greens again if I had to but I honestly don’t recall tasting a major difference between the fresh Greens and the canned ones.

Anyway, that night we ate good. Take a look. And try not to get any drool on your keyboard. LOL. eatin-good-3