Babies R Us Clothing Sales [Review]

I am so delighted to blog about this experience. It was truly a pleasure and a surprise.

I was actually looking for toys at Toys R Us but the location I went to has been completely shut down and moved to a new location. I wasn’t expecting that. So I decided to go to the closest location which is a Babies R Us. But I just knew the toy selection there wouldn’t be the same but it was worth a try. It turned out the toy selection had more than enough to choose from. However, as I was browsing I came cross a sales table where the shirts were already on clearance between $4-6 and an additional 60% off the clearance price. I didn’t realize that until I got to the register. Since the prices were already so low,  I assumed the 60% had already been deducted. When the cashier told me my total for the first two shirts I purchased was only $4, I went back and got as many as I could find in her size. I found three more shirts for a total of $7 which means I purchased five shirts for $11.

And it wasn’t just that table that was on sale. There were other racks of clothing in various sizes marked down to an additional 60%  throughout the store.

I highly recommend shopping at Babies R Us because they have a great selection of quality clothing at unbelievable prices.