Artists & Photographers !!!


There are several sites that help artists and photographers utilize their skills by simply submitting their artwork, creating products and selling them online. Most of the sites are free to sign up but some may require you to purchase a sample of your creation before they will send your project off to production.

Basically, you upload your artwork or photo and the company will create and ship the product to the customer for you. You will most likely need a PayPal account to receive your payments though some do mail paper checks. And you may have to provide your SSN or EIN for tax purposes.

Some of the products will require your artwork or photos to meet certain size requirements depending on the products you wish to sell. The companies offer a variety of products for you to sell such as duvet sets, shower curtains, clocks, throw pillows, rugs framed art, sneakers, wallpaper, tote bags, electronic device decor and etc….

Check out the sites below:

If you decide to sign up for these or any other sites, please leave your link in the comments so that I can check out your sites as well.

Best Wishes and Much Success!!!