Pillsbury vs. Nestle Toll House [Review]

I’ve tried several of Nestle’s self bake cookies and I loved them all. The cookie dough is pre cut and is easy to bake. It only takes minutes and they taste really good warm or at aroom temp. With Nestle’s pre cut cookies you have to be sure to refreeze any unused cookie dough because if the dough  is refrigerated,  the cookies will brown faster on the bottom and you will end up with a burned cookie bottom and half done top . That’s not the case though with Pillsbury. The Pillsbury brand doesn’t need to be frozen in order to use. Once you cut and bake what you will use, the unused portion can be refrigerated until you need to use it. And the next batch will bake just as easily as the first.

Nestle Tollhouse

 HIGHLY RECOMMEND (Nestle & Pillsbury)