Nestle’s Outshine Fruit Bar [Review]

The first time I  tried  Outshine by Nestle  it was the assorted flavor box which contained orange, cherry and grape flavored popsicles. All of the assorted flavored popsicles were delicious but they were very small and there were no fruit chunks in them. You have to get the full size fruit bars to enjoy the fruit chunks. I purchased the pineapple fruit bars and was very happy with my choice!!!  There are 6 full size fruit bars per package and they are sweet and fruity and the REAL fruit chunks make them taste even better.

Outshine Fruit Bars



One thought on “Nestle’s Outshine Fruit Bar [Review]

  1. Does anyone know where I could find the original banana fudge popcicle. Love love them the best I every taste.


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