VistaPrint.Com T-Shirt [Review]

Since the business cards turned out well, I decided to order a T shirt. It was extremely easy to design however it was the men’s T shirt which was on sale for 5.99 So I had to change it to the women’s shirt which was not the same sale price but still under 10.00 I called customer service and asked if there was any way I could get the women’s T shirt instead and she explained the pricing difference and was able to switch the design I made over to the women’s shirt with no problem. That saved me a lot of time and stress because I really wanted the women’s shirt but didn’t feel like re-doing it over.

The expected date was July 14th. I received my shirt on July 12th. The packaging was perfect for shirt shipping. It was in a plastic cover which is always a good thing. I ordered a large because the Representative told me to order a size up because the women’s shirts run  smaller.It fits perfect. The shirt is 100% Cotton and feels great

Everything was spelled correctly, the images are crystal clear and everything was aligned properly on the shirt. I received another 20% off at checkout coupon in addition to a 50% off sitewide coupon. I didn’t receive a receipt in the package but I did get a confirmation and an order shipped email which I could use as proof of purchase if I wasn’t satisfied.


I am totally satisfied with my order and the level of customer service I received. I will definitely order again!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.