Swiffer Sweeper Wipes [Review]


Ok so the catch is this: You have to make sure you are putting Swiffer wipes all the way down into the four holes of the sweeper otherwise the wipe will unattached every time you move the sweeper back in forth. It’s very frustrating to have to stop to keep re-attaching the wipe.  Once the wipe is properly secure it makes mopping your floor a lot easier.


The other thing that may pose as a problem is the amount of cleaning solution. The wipes are soaked in cleaning solution and they drip when you take them out of the container. So, you may want to attach the wipes to the sweeper over a sink and away from pets and small children. But the fact that the wipes are overly saturated is actually a good thing because they really do get the dirt up and make your room smell fresh.


I used to get cheaper wipes from the Dollar Tree. I had to spray the floor with a water bottle because the wipes would start to dry before I was finished mopping the entire area. But now I don’t have to do that anymore. The Swiffer wipes  I bought are usable on both sides of the wipe, just flip it over and there will still be plenty of cleaning solution on the unused side. I bought a  pack of 12 for 4.99. .

Now that I am using the wipes properly, I am completely satisfied and would definitely repurchase.




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