As I Am [ Review]

-Curl Clarity Shampoo &  Leave In Conditioner-

I had been wanting to try As I Am products for a few years now but never got around to it. Finally, the time has come. I had heard lots of nice things about this particular line. It’s pretty popular in the natural hair community. But I must be honest and admit that I wasn’t blown away by it, at first. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a horrible product and it did clean my hair.AS i AM

 I used the Curl Clarity Shampoo. It had a slimy texture which I didn’t like but I did like the scent. It smelled like bubble gum. The Leave- In Conditioner smelled great, too. I blow dried my hair with a diffuser attached and my hair started to frizz while I was blow drying it. AS I AM 4

After applying the Leave- In Conditioner, it didn’t flake up which is a good thing and my hair did feel soft, but not moisturized. My hair wasn’t tangled, and there wasn’t much shedding at all. And there was no stiffness. I was able to try a few different styles without having to re-wet my hair. I was happy with the results of my wash and go. I give both the shampoo and the Leave- In a 3 out of 5. I would interested in trying other As I Am products in the future.