Women’s Hair Loss [Causes]

I met a lady that said the crown area of her hair had fallen out. It started out as a small area and then continued to expand. And she asked if I knew what could be the cause of it. I asked could she be allergic to the products she uses. She said no. I asked if she might have applied too much heat or pulling in one area. She said no. I couldn’t think of anything else. So I suggested she try Nutiva Coconut Oil to help her hair grow back. That’s what helped me when I lost my hair in the front due to heat damage. I forgot to mention to her that Black Jamaican Castor Oil has a good reputation for stimulating hair growth. I can’t vouch for Castor Oil because I’ve never tried it. But I heard that Castor Oil, like Coconut Oil, it will also make the hair you don’t want to grow grow as well. I also forgot to mention that Infinity [hair pills] is a very popular product with people who have been able to achieve waist length hair. And Biotin vitamins can be used ( but will make unwanted hair grow as well).

Later on that night I did some research  because I do realize that she didn’t ask me what would help her hair grow back she really wanted to know what was causing her hair to fall out in a particular area. I found that there are several issues that can cause hair loss in women.

I have listed them below:

*Tammy Worth [WebMD.com]

  1.  Thyroid disorder, anemia, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  2. Menopause or Psoriasis
  3. Too much Vitamin A
  4. Pregnancy

*Everyday Health [Huffingtonpost.ca]

  1. Female pattern baldness
  2. Stress due to unexpected traumatic experience
  3. Side effect from some medications
  4. Alopecia

*Winne YU and Prevention [ABCnews.go.com]

  1. Major surgery
  2. Hereditary

I hope this helps !!