VistaPrint.Com Business Card [Review]

I recently purchased an order of business cards from I got the 500 cards for $9.99 deal. After you design you project, they allow you to look at the proof before ordering.  I didn’t notice that the photo I uploaded was a little unclear in certain areas and that is exactly how it turned out on the card. But that’s my fault. When I was reviewing the proof, I was too busy making sure everything was spelled correctly and didn’t pay enough attention to the quality of the photo.VistaPrint Cards Also the quality of the card stock I chose isn’t exactly an ideal choice. You have to practically double them up to make it thick like a “real” card. But that’s my fault too. I chose the cheapest card stock so I got the cheapest quality.  I received the cards a few days earlier than the expected date so I was happy about that. The parts of my order that I wasn’t satisfied with were in no way VistaPrint’s fault. I will definitely order from again !!!!

Oh yeah, you get a 20% off next order coupon in your package, too.