Nosebleed & Blood Clot

Apparently, I was out in the heat for too long and ended up with a nosebleed. I felt a little dizzy when I first got back inside but I didn’t give it too much attention. The next morning  my nose started bleeding. It freaked me out because I don’t get nose bleeds. I found out it was caused by taking long walks outside in extreme heat. I was dehydrated and didn’t know it. So after I got that squared away I tried to take it easy. The day after I stayed in to avoid the heat only to end up falling down the stairs. LOL. I hurt my right side, my back and the back of my leg where the veins are. The pain on my side and my back comes and goes but the bruise on my leg is still a little sore. It has gone from red to bluish-purple  overnight and is twice the size it was. I think I broke a blood vessel….