Canon ELPH 180 Review

I have been trying to track the Canon ELPH 180 camera (in store) for at least a year. Seems like every store I went into had it on display but none in stock. Both Walmart and Target had display only. Why have a display of something that is not available for purchase? But the Walmart electronics employee explained that I could order it online and pick it up at the store. I decided not to do that but to check at Best Buy. And they had it!!! In the store!!!! So that’s what I’ve been using for the past two weeks.

I think my pics are so much more clearer with my cell camera. I really wasn’t happy with the results of the Canon at first. I couldn’t get any good shots while the sun was out..  I couldn’t get any pics of the clouds. I love taking cloud pics. (Sometimes I find images in the clouds later when I get home and flip through the photos).  I take the same pic several times to try out all of the different settings.  But they still didn’t come out the way I’d like them to. So I asked my cousin who is a photographer what was I doing wrong.

Why aren’t my pics clear? The sunny pics don’t show the true colors of the flowers. The pics of  feathered animals have a soft fuzz look; like they have fur instead of feathers. And I can’t clearly capture anything white. It’s so bright I can’t even tell if the white flowers have petals or not. How do I get clearer shots?

She said:

  1. Lower the ISO when you have a lot of light
  2. Crank up ISO for night shots
  3. Try the program scene modes
  4. Lower the ISO and a larger F-stop is needed when the pics have a soft furry look
  5. F-stop of 2.0 will focus only on a small part of the object
  6. F-stop of 14 pic will be crisp and focused
  7. Lower F-stop is great for portraits (it will blur the bkgrd)
  8. Set the focus mode in Program (F-stop) to 20 to focus on objects far away

So I’ll try this and hope for improvement….