Taste Buds

I must have the weirdest taste in the world. What is wrong with my buds?

I DO NOT eat bananas. When I eat banana pudding, I pick the bananas out. But I like anything banana flavored. And I love the smell of bananas.

Sour cream will never touch my lips. Unless it’s cooked in a doughnut….

Ice cream is tricky. I’ll eat it but it has to be so cold; nearly frozen hard enough to chew and I eat my Frosted Flakes poured over vanilla ice cream. Ice cream makes me extremely thirsty; only water can quench it.

I’ll eat any cereal that’s frosted or has some kind of sugar on it (dry snack style like popcorn) because I DO NOT drink milk.

The only thing I hate worst than milk is mayo. I’m gagging just thinking about it. I don’t even like to sit next to someone else while they eat it. That smell.

Cheesecake has to solid as a rock, too.

I love peanut butter especially warm and melted on toast but it makes me sleepy.

I love sweet potato pie and souffle  but sweet potato fries make me cry.

I pour hot sauce or soy sauce on my boiled eggs.

I am in love with sharp cheddar. The sharper the bitter; the bitter the better.

Butter cream and cream cheese icings are my best friends but whipped icing is my worst enemy. I get so offended about icing that isn’t sweet. Gotta be sweet or else you can’t call it icing. LOL.