Just Live.

I have tried my hands at a lot of different things over the years. I remember when I wanted to be a courtroom sketch artist, a songwriter and a photographer. I love capturing images in the clouds and recording lightning storms.  There was a time when I wanted to be a fashion designer. I used to sketch ball gowns and make sheet dresses . But I never learned how to sew. I could only pin,tape and sometimes staple the sheets or fabric to my body and make it look like a dress. Then I started making candy dolls and wanted to open a candy shop along with other arts and crafts like framed art.

All of these things were done in an attempt to find a career. I was taught in high school, that your career should be something you enjoy doing. Find something you like and find a way to get paid for it. Find something people are in need of and supply the need. Supply and demand.

Of all those “career” choices and things I love to do, none of those things bring nearly as much joy and satisfaction as being a mom. Some people might not understand that but I guess parenting means something different to each person. For me it’s everything.  I knew when I was 18 yrs old that I wanted to be a mom and a homemaker. I just got caught up in all of that other stuff because I was told I had to “do something” and I was made to feel like what I wanted to do wasn’t enough.

I spent all those years chasing. Trying to find the answer to a question that I already had the answer to all along……