Conversation Pieces…

Come sit, let’s chat…

You can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears
Really? What can you tell about a man’s personality by looking at his shoes? Besides the fact that he’s the type that wears shoes?

Treat people like YOU want to be treated
Why would you do that? They are not you. I think it’s better to treat people how THEY want to be treated….

Good Grief
Why do I say that? What’s good about grief?

Luck  I have a habit of saying “out of luck”. I don’t even believe in luck, good or bad. I believe in blessings and curses; sowing and reaping. I need to find a substitute phrase.   Good Reapings….??

Life is Short  I don’t believe that. I do believe life is precious, though. I believe everybody’s days are already numbered (by God who created us) before we were even born.  He is the only one who knows how many years a person will live. In my opinion, the age we die is the amount of time we were given from the beginning, some get a little time and some get a lot. But I do understand that the way a person dies has a lot to do with why one would feel a person’s  life was cut short. But even though the shorter life may have ended before WE expected it to, that doesn’t mean it was cut short.  And I think the person dies at 115 years old was given 115 years to live from the beginning. Some get a little time, some get a lot….


What do you think?