The NO! NO! Review

-My first impression-

I’ve wanted to try the NO! NO! for a very long time. I have a terrible facial hair problem and I’ve tried almost everything there is. I have tried creams, tweezing, threading and waxing. Each method works in removing the hair but the results don’t last long. Of course shaving is the fastest way to remove the hair but it is also the fastest way to make it grow back. I think of all the methods I’ve tried, it’s the threading results that last the longest and next best would be waxing.

no no box

So I was all too excited to try the NO! NO! It’s not that it doesn’t work but it is a long process. You are zapping the hairs and burning them. I’m not sure if that is something I should be doing myself at home. That kind of treatment might have side effects in the long run considering it is electrical.

You have to hold it at a 90 degree angle in order to get it to zap or it does nothing. It’s very difficult to do the chin area, going over the curve of the chin at a 90 degree angle. It takes several tries to get the holding right. And even then, it’s still a difficult area to zap.

When you smell the hair burning, you know that it is working. But depending on how much hair you are trying to remove, you will have to go over the same areas several no open

And then you are supposed to buff with the buffer which I just didn’t even see the point after using it.

I decided not to continue. Not because it wasn’t a good product it’s just not right for me. My hairs have too much attitude and I don’t think it’s safe to keep going over the same area as many times as I would have to. It might work better for someone with less or thinner hair.

So I have to say No No to the NO! NO!









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