– Home Remedy-
I recently came down with some kind of strange cough which becomes unbearable at night. It started with a sore throat and then my ears began to burn, too.
I noticed when I drank cold water my tooth was very sensitive and my gums became sore. So, I thought maybe I had a tooth that may need to be pulled or maybe I had a sinus infection.
I heard garlic was good for any type of infection so I decided to try it.

I ate one piece of raw garlic with a slice of lemon.
The lemon kept my fingers from smelling like garlic. It burned my mouth like you wouldn’t believe. But I managed to finish it.
Later on that night, I tried it again. This time I used a slice of lime instead of lemon. It burned oh did it burn but it wasn’t as bad as the first time. And when I drank the ice cold water to cool it, I didn’t feel the sensitivity in my tooth. Instead, the entire left side of my face ached and I could barely open my mouth.
Throughout the night, the garlic made me cough up the phlegm. When I woke up the next morning, all of the pain (throat,face and ears) was completely gone.
Even though raw garlic is extremely hot I would definitely do it again.
I’m considering a piece of garlic at least once or twice a month.