-Fro All You Do This One’s For You-

This post is dedicated to my favorite Youtubers.  I have watched their videos and have learned a lot over the years about natural hair products, wig companies, affiliate programs and a host of other things that I didn’t even know existed. Some have taught me  how to apply make-up, how to make organic facial cleansers and even how to make homemade styling products for my hair. Each of these ladies have played a part in my life in a very special way!

THANK YOU !!!!!!

  1. Sunkiss Alba (Most Informative (Health&Hair)
  2. Naturally Neiicey (Best Twists/Hair Color)
  3. Glamtwinz (Best Flat Iron/ Curl Wand Tutorials)
  4. Savannah Sylver (Best Make-Up Tutorials)
  5. Naptural85 (Most Inspiring)
  6. My Invisible Chyrsalis (Best Wig Review)
  7. Mahogany Curls (Product Review/DIY Styles)
  8. Mahogany Knots ( DIY Styles)
  9. IISuperwomanII (Most Humorous)
  10. Deeper Than Hair (Best Stylist)