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NAP TIME    Who came up with the idea to nap when the child naps?
Never nap when they nap. You won’t get anything done. You have to make a schedule and stick to it.  And work in any changes along the way.

KEEP EXTRAS (Great Baby Shower gifts) You will need to stock up on socks, pacifiers, baby gates and cabinet locks . Too many won’t be enough.



BABY’S HAIR  Using a sink hose makes it so much easier to wash their hair.

EATING HABITS/TEETHING  Don’t panic when your toddler’s eating habits change unless they start losing weight or have other signs of illness. Teething causes their appetites to change. The texture of the food becomes more important to them than the flavor. Some like to crunch!

BABY’S CLOTHING  Air dry your baby’s clothing. It prevents shrinkage. (Especially the footed onsies)

COMMUNICATION   Listen to your child’s babbling and crying. They definetly do communicate clear messages if you pay attention.

BABY’S TALENTS   Take note to what your child does often and well. Don’t ignore the cute things they do, thinking it will change because they are so young. Those special things could help you help them decide what they want to be in the future.

POTTY TRAINING   Babies show signs when making a bowel movement. Some make strange faces and weird sounds. Certain foods make them go and/or they go at certain times of the day. This will be a big help with potty training so be sure to take notes. You must have patience and remember they don’t go to the potty when you are ready, they go when they are ready.They need to learn the skills to hold and release.


JOURNALS   Buy or make a journal w/pics of your child’s growth. Time flies and they grow so fast. You will be asked things like what were their first words or favorite toys. Kids are constantly changing and doing new things. It will be quite a challenge to try to remember everything….

BABY BAG (Basic Needs)  Diapers & Wipes, Bottles, Snacks/Food, Toys, Extra Outfits & Socks, Pacifiers…..just to name a few!!!




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