Can You Hair Me Now?

-Bad Salon Experience-

I went to a nearby salon to get a roller set. I explained to the stylist that I usually do my own hair. I just needed to use the salon’s bonnet dryer. I had no problem paying for the full service even though I could have done my own hair and only wanted to used their dryer.
The stylist insisted she knew what was best because she was the stylist and knew how to do my hair type.
She sprayed a straightening spray on my hair which was not needed. That was the first red flag. Then she insisted on using rollers to fit the length of my hair instead of the size of curls I wanted.
The rollers she used were so big I could barely fit under the dryer.
There were no curls when my hair dried. I looked like a potted plant with wilted leaves.
It was a total flop.
When I do my roller sets, I don’t use straightening products because my hair dries straight on the roller. I use a liquid leave in spray and a light spritz. I sit under a bonnet dryer until my hair is completely dry. The size of the roller is determined by the size curl I want. So even though my hair is long, I use a medium size roller….not extra large.
After it dries, I only flat iron the roots and then finger comb or flat brush the rest of my hair.
She said she had been doing hair for 30 years……

*Note to Stylists:
Listen to your clients. Provide the service they are asking/paying for.
* Note to Self:
Get a new bonnet dryer ASAP!!!!