-The Time I Lost My Edges-


I decided I would flat iron my hair just like any other time. No big deal.
But this particular week it kept raining and the front section of my hair would not lay down. The frizz was driving me crazy.  So I flat ironed it everyday for about a week (edges included)
The week before that, I had applied a black rinse . It was old and left over from an application I did several months before. I did not wash it out with a color treated shampoo.
My edges disappeared like somebody had stolen’em!!!!!
My hairline was behind my ears and it was so thin,  you could literally count the strands and  curls.
I bought some Nutiva Coconut Oil and  I began to massage the oil in the bald area once a day.

In less than 2 weeks, my edges were fully restored. I don’t think it was more than 10 days before my hair grew back and looked liked it had never fallen out.
Nutiva Coconut Oil is a great product for stimulating hair growth.
But, I DO NOT recommend using it with a flat iron if you are going to go longer than a week without shampooing.
The smell of the use of the oil and flat iron on old hair is not very pleasant at all.

Another Lesson Learned…..

So, what’s your horror story?

Tip- * Nutiva Coconut Oil and Shea Butter works great for two strand twists