Naturally Yours


Curly Leave-In Substitute
Did you know you can use regular body lotion as a Leave-In for your natural curls?
1. Section your wet hair

2. Apply the lotion to wet hair

3. Work the lotion in from root to tip

4. Air dry

Half Straight & Half Curly
If you have a short curly cut, but the roots are curlier than the ends,  I would suggest you apply a creamy textured Leave- In and dry with a diffuser attached to a blow dryer.
Put the diffuser directly on your scalp and moved it around in a circular motion while drying your hair. Make sure you are blow drying on a warm temperature.

*This is only recommended if you have a half curly/straight end short hair cut .

Flat Ironing Curly Hair
When I flat iron my hair, I use shampoo only and no conditioner. I use shampoos that DO NOT moisturize my hair because the moisture makes the curls curl tighter which makes it harder to straighten and requires the iron to be on a higher setting.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Shampoo, do NOT follow with a conditioner

2. Apply a heat protectant spray and blow dry each section

3. Apply a small amount of Grape Seed oil to each section

4.  Flat iron between 375-425 degrees, using the chase method  w/ a bristle brush